Worship Services

The 11:00am Sunday service will be held in the Sanctuary.

The 7:00pm Wednesday service will be held outside as long as the chance of precipitation is less than 50% and the temperature is above 50°.

Other Activities

County COVID-19 case averages
∙ 7-day average16.78
∙ 14-day average12.31
Current phaseWeek 5 of Phase 4
Phase 1 startedMay 2
Phase 2 startedMay 23
Phase 3 startedJune 13
Phase 4 startedJuly 4

*as long as there are no weeks with more than 25 cases

How we determine the current phase

On Thursday morning, we look at the higher of the 7-day average and the 14-day average of number of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people in Sullivan County.

Any time that number is under 25 for three consecutive weeks, we progress to the next Phase.

Any time that number is over 25, we go to Phase 1.

Phase 1

  • Staff will work from home but will come in for appointments.
  • Small groups of ten or fewer may be able to meet at the church if the average case rate is below 15. Otherwise, online meetings are encouraged.

Phase 2

  • Staff will return with amended office hours but will be encouraged to work from home when able.
  • Gatherings of ten or fewer are permitted.
  • Worship Hour nursery will be provided.
  • Children will be dropped off and picked up by one adult, who will not be allowed to enter the nursery.
  • Outdoor activities will allow more than one adult present.

Phase 3

  • Regular office hours for staff will resume.
  • Limits on small groups including children and youth may increase.
  • Sunday School will resume, but no earlier than August 1.
  • For children and youth, there will be only one teacher per class. Doors will remain open, and we will have a person in the hallway to comply with Safe Sanctuaries policy.
  • Wednesday evening ministries may resume (with the exception of Wednesday Night Dinner), but no earlier than August 11.
  • In-person meetings may resume, but online meetings will still be encouraged.

Phase 4

  • Wednesday Night Dinner will resume, but no earlier than August 11.
  • All ministries will resume and the main campus and The Prospect Center will be open to outside groups.