Annual Budget – General Fund

The annual budget – General Fund is the main source of income for our church programs, staff, and facilities. We encourage all members to support the church by making a pledge to give a percentage of their income to the annual budget. A stewardship campaign is conducted each fall to encourage the congregation towards generous giving. The annual budget is also supported by gifts made to the offering on Sunday morning.

Endowments and Other Special Funds

Mafair has endowments and special funds for Above and Beyond Giving.  Current Endowment Funds include – the General Endowment, the Music Trust Endowment, and the Maintenance & Property Improvement Endowment.  Mafair receives annual distributions from the McConnell and Clayman Scholarship Endowment Funds.  Donations to any of these funds can be made at any time throughout the year.  Mafair hopes to establish a Missions Endowment Fund in the near future.

The Asset Replacement Fund is a special fund that helps reduce the impact on the church budget of unexpected or unplanned events.  The funds are used for the replacement of church assets that have a fixed life (such as a HVAC unit).

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts may either be designated for a specific fund in the church or left undesignated. Monies accumulated in the undesignated memorials are distributed to the General Memorials Fund to support special needs and projects as they arise.

Special Offerings

The church participates in special offerings throughout year. These include the Easter Offering, the Christmas Offering, and several Mission Offerings. Special offerings are also collected in response to natural disasters or other immediate needs.

Wish Lists

Ministry areas and committees may maintain a wish list of projects that are not able to be funded by the annual budget – general fund. These lists can be used to guide donors who would like to give to support these projects and needs.

Estate Gifts

Mafair encourages church members to remember the church in their will.