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Mafair’s Regathering Team met on September 1 to consider possible needed changes as we come back together indoors. In light of the surge of the Delta variant and the inability of children to be vaccinated, the following changes will take effect:

  • Wednesday evenings will shift back outdoors. This is just a safer move for the time being. Join us at 7:00 outside for Bible Study and music. Youth and children’s activities will shift outdoors. Annie and Betsy will be in communication with parents. This means all other Wednesday evening activities are cancelled for the time being.
  • Adult Sunday School classes: if you wish to meet, be in touch with the office so we can find a larger meeting area for you.
  • Tuesday morning Pastor’s Bible Study will continue to be hybrid. You can join us at 11:00 online or in the sanctuary, since there’s plenty of room to distance in there.
  • Our Homecoming celebration is postponed indefinitely. We want that to be a well attended, joyful event. We also want to have a meal afterwards. There’s no harm in putting it off until we can safely do so.
  • The Church Leadership Council has approved the Regathering Team’s motion to reinstate a mask mandate.

Taking these measures allows us to move forward safely, not risking our momentum. We hoped to be moving much faster, however, we’re not willing to risk our progress with reckless behavior. Thanks in advance for understanding and supporting us through this. If you have questions or concerns about any of this, please be in touch.