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The Church Leadership Council and the Regathering Team unanimously approved the following:

1. We will resume in-person, indoor worship and will continue despite metrics or other unforeseen events. In the interest of safety, we will continue with encouraging mask-wearing, distancing, and vaccination; HVAC fans will run continuously to increase airflow; and contact tracing will occur when we know an infected person was present so that known risk may be shared.

If you’re sick or know you’ve been exposed, please stay home for an appropriate amount of time. If you find out you’re infected after being present with us, please tell us so we can make the appropriate notifications. We won’t share your name.

In addition to the above, our “fail safe” lever remains intact—the pastor, the lay leader, and a medical professional (Mark Alley has agreed to be that person) may take a vote to close indoor activities if they deem health risks to be too great.

Further, the Regathering Team will prayerfully assess the threat of any known exposure at Mafair. Please note once more, to encourage sharing and respect all our members of our family, names of infected people will not be shared, only the risk.

In short, the policy that dictated our moving outdoors and virtual after a known exposure, the one that we’ve followed for the past five weeks, was ended in favor of contact tracing.

2. Sunday School classes may resume at the teacher’s discretion. To maintain distance, adequate space will be found if the classroom is too small to accommodate.

3. Indoor Wednesday evening activities have resumed. Meals will be on hold until January.