Faithful Worship$  7,9752%
Nurture & Faith Development22,7505%
Outreach & Connection88,63818%
Pastoral Care103,30021%
Ministry Support154,47232%
Stewardship of Church Facilities103,22021%
Misc. Expense & Contingencies4,6401%

Faithful Worship

Blended worship, music and supplies, audio-visual equipment, music licensing, etc.

Nurture & Faith Development

Age-level programming, Sunday School, small groups, family life ministry, and Stephen Ministries

Outreach & Connection

Missions, evangelism, and support for local, national, and international needs. This includes the missions of the larger church and the missions that Mafair has pledged to support.

Pastoral Care

Salary for full-time ordained elder, health insurance, continuing education, reimbursable expenses

Ministry Support

Staff salaries, computer and software systems, copier expenses, office, kitchen, and financial supplies

Stewardship of Church Facilities

Utilities (water, gas, electric, waste), maintenance and repairs, safety and security, property and liability insurance, HVAC maintenance and contract, workers’ compensation insurance, cleaning staff, etc.