We hope the following guidelines will help you in planning your wedding. Please read them very carefully. We will answer any questions you may have.

The Minister

The first step in planning a wedding at our church is to arrange a personal conference with the Pastor of Mafair. As soon as the wedding is approved, the couple should schedule an appointment with the officiating minister for counseling sessions. The office staff will assist with reserving facilities and with other necessary arrangements.

Mafair UMC Pastors will officiate at all weddings held at the church unless prior approval is received from the Senior Pastor to have a guest minster officiate or assist. It is professional courtesy for the guest minister to receive a written invitation from the Senior Pastor.

The United Methodist wedding liturgy will be used at the ceremony. Any variation in this service must have the prior approval of the Senior Pastor of Mafair.

Guidelines for Selecting Music

Please note: Mafair UMC is not licensed to play pre-recorded music. All music before, during, and after your wedding must be performed live.

The Director of Music and the Organist will be glad to assist you in working out a suitable program of vocal and/or instrumental music. Should you wish to use their services in the ceremony, they will help you to choose from an available list of music. If you use musicians other than Mafair staff, they should consult with the Music Director to obtain instructions on use of church instruments, keeping in mind our instruments are kept locked and this consultation will be needed to arrange for their use.

Since the music staff’s service is in addition to their regular duties, fees are determined by the staff member. If musicians outside the church are to serve, rehearsal time should be scheduled through the church office.

If you wish to use the sound system or video equipment for your service, the fee for this service will be determined by the church-provided technicians. We will give you contact information for them.

A Christian wedding is a special type of wedding, is set apart from both a civil ceremony and non-Christian ceremony, and is planned within the context of Christian faith and Christian worship. First and foremost, it is a service of worship. All elements (music, readings, etc.) should be appropriate for a service of worship as well as consistent with Christian values.

The criteria used in selecting all music for a wedding should include appropriateness for Christian worship and harmony of words with Christian understanding of life, love, and marriage. The music you select should express faith, inspiration, and love in a reverent manner. Your selection of music must be approved in advance by the Pastor and music staff.

The Church Building

All facilities involved in the ceremony (sanctuary, dressing rooms, fellowship hall, etc.) need to be reserved through the church office. We will be able to assist you in determining which facilities are needed and in planning details of the reception if it is to be held at the church.

The bridal party using the parlor and classrooms for dressing are expected to help protect decorations and furnishings in each location.

If the Fellowship Hall or The Prospect Center are used for the reception, we remind you that no alcoholic beverages are allowed at any time. No food should be left in the refrigerator after the reception.

Glass globes (19½ inches tall) and battery-operated candles are available for the sanctuary windows.

No birdseed or bubbles are to be used inside the building. Confetti and rice are prohibited inside or outside the building. No food or drink—other than sacramental—is permitted in the sanctuary.

When decorating, no tacks, staples, or nails are to be used at any time, nor is tape or putty to be used on any painted surface. You may use floral wire to attach flowers to the ends of the pews. All carpet must be protected from dripping wax through the use of no-drip candles. If you would like to contribute the flowers for Sunday worship service, contact the church office as soon as possible prior to the wedding.

With the exception of a unity candle or communion elements, no flowers or decorations are to be placed on the altar table and the cross should not be removed. Furniture in the chancel area should only be removed by the church staff. Kneeling rails cannot be removed.


There is no charge for the use of any part of the church building by Mafair members.

Non-members are asked to pay:

  • $150 non-refundable deposit;
  • $250 for use of the Sanctuary;
  • $125 for use of the Fellowship Hall;
  • $275 for use of the Prospect Center.

The deposit is due when the wedding date is initially reserved; remaining fees are due two weeks prior to the wedding date.

Custodial Fees: All wedding parties (members and non-members) are expected to pay:

  • $100 for the Sanctuary;
  • $75 for the Fellowship Hall;
  • $100 for The Prospect Center.

Non-church members may reserve the church no more than six months prior to the wedding date.

Sanctuary seating capacity: approximately 320.

We hope that your marriage ceremony will be a worshipful and meaningful one.