1. Please read the policies at https://mafairumc.org/building-use-policies/ and check the box below.

    2. Event, Committee, Class or Organization Name
      Provide the name of the event, or the committee, the Sunday School class, or the outside organization. There is a space at the bottom of this form for the contact person's information.

    3. Date of Event or Meeting
      If this is a multi-day event, enter the first day here and give details when you answer the next question.
    4. Time of Event or Meeting and Other Details
      Please list the beginning and the end of the event and whether you are meeting at the church and carpooling or meeting at your offsite event location.
    5. Building Access
      How are you getting to the offsite event? If you are meeting at the church, we can have the back door unlocked for you 30 minutes prior to departure.

    6. Details for eNews and bulletin
      If you want us to publicize your event, please provide the details--who, what, when, where, why. All articles are subject to editing.

      Deadline Publication
      10:00am Monday Sunday bulletin
      10:00am Wednesday Thursday eNews

    7. Your name

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    9. Your phone number

    10. Any other details we need to know?