1. Please read the policies at https://mafairumc.org/building-use-policies/ and check the box below.

    2. Event, Committee, Class or Organization Name
      Provide the name of the event, or the committee, the Sunday School class, or the outside organization. There is a space at the bottom of this form for the contact person's information.

    3. Date of Event or Meeting
      If this is a multi-day event, enter the first day here and give details when you answer the next question.
    4. Time of Event or Meeting and Other Details
      1. If this is a multi-day event, please specify the details of which days are involved
      2. Please list the beginning and the end of the event. If you need to arrive early, please specify like this: "Setup at 6:00pm, Meeting from 6:30-7:30pm, Teardown from 7:30-8:00pm."
      3. Note: If you are meeting at the main campus, the back door will be unlocked 30 minutes before your scheduled setup or meeting time and locked 30 minutes after the time your event or meeting starts. If you require a change to this schedule or need access to the front entrance, please specify here.

    5. Expected Attendance
    6. Do you need nursery care for your event?

    7. Are you requesting the use of the Prospect Center?

    8. Are you requesting the use of the Fellowship Hall?

      Do you need to use the Fellowship Hall televisions?

      Are you requesting the use of the Kitchen off the Fellowship Hall?

    9. Are you requesting the use of one or more of the classrooms?
      We cannot guarantee your choice of classroom. If you have a preference, or if you are requesting more than one classroom, please let us know in the "Details" option below.

    10. Are you requesting the use of the Sanctuary?

      For events in the Sanctuary:
    11. Audio/visual Needs
      Please list any audio/visual needs. We have DVD players and televisions on carts that can be placed in the classrooms. Also list any other needs like flipcharts, lecterns, etc.

    12. Details for eNews and bulletin
      If you want us to publicize your event, please provide the details--who, what, when, where, why. All articles are subject to editing.

      Deadline Publication
      10:00am Monday Sunday bulletin
      10:00am Wednesday Thursday eNews

    13. Are you a member of Mafair United Methodist Church?
      Members do not pay room rental fees.

    14. Your name

    15. Your email address

    16. Your phone number

    17. Any other details we need to know?